Hosted Meetings Programme

Learnit’s Hosted Meetings Programme gives government officials, educator leaders and heads of talent and training a free ticket to the conference and a travel and hotel bursary in exchange for attending meetings with thoughtfully selected partners.

How Does The Hosted Meetings Programme Work?

Qualified educator leaders (including headteachers, superintendents and school chain leaders), government decision makers (federal, state and municipal education leaders) and heads of talent and training, will receive up to £750 for their travel and hotel in exchange for attending up to 8, short, 15 minute meetings with Learnit’s sponsors. The meetings take place during Learnit and all meeting schedules are personalised and based on educator, government and talent heads’ interests and needs.

How much is the bursary?

Bursaries will be given according to where you are travelling from:

Up to £750     Outside Europe
Up to £450     Within Europe (excluding UK)
Up to £250     Within the UK

Who is on the programme?

GOVERNMENT Decision makers at a federal, state or municipal level in departments of education, training or workforce
EDUCATOR LEADERS Leaders of education institutions including headteachers, superintendents, school chain leaders, presidents & chancellors
TALENT & TRAINING Heads of talent and training or learning & development in large institutions responsible for delivering ongoing learning programmes to employees.

How do I know the meetings will be interesting and/or useful?

All meetings will be based on your interests, needs and current/future projects. You will have the chance to select companies you want to meet and/or state areas you would like to discuss.

I don’t want to miss the speakers and content for my meetings

All meetings are scheduled at dedicated times in slots (your meetings will run across 2 x 1 hour slots), they don’t overlap with any of our awesome speakers.

I have other commitments in the week of Learnit

We’ll reimburse your travel and accommodation as long as you attend Learnit and complete your meetings.

Apply For The Hosted Programme