Nic Ponsford, Co-Founder & CEO, Global Equality Collective (GEC), UK

Previously an award-winning Advanced Skills Teacher and Harvard author, ‘TechnoTeachers’ (2014), Nic Ponsford is now a recognised EdTech thought leader and frequent keynote speaker.

Headhunted by the Dfe for central roles during the pandemic, Nic is also Director of Edtech UK; lecturer at Leeds Beckett University; and studying for a doctorate.

Co-founder and CEO of the Global Equality Collective (GEC) – a global multi-award-winning grassroots movement of over 15,000 changemakers and a collective of 350-plus DEI subject matter experts – Nic also co-created the world’s first DEI app for schools and businesses.

Nic believes technology is the equaliser for our time.