Janice Ross, Superintendent, Brooklyn North High Schools, US

Janice Ross is currently the Superintendent of Brooklyn North High Schools, one of the largest school districts in the US.

After earning her bachelor’s in education at Stony Brook University, where she graduated cum laude, she began her career as an educator in East New York, Brooklyn, teaching social sciences to multiple grade levels. During this time, Janice undertook a Masters in Guidance and Counselling from Brooklyn College, and went on to be a guidance counsellor before eventually becoming the founding principal of the School for Classics: An Academy of Thinkers, Writers and Performers in 2009, which is in one of the districts she serves as superintendent.

Janice’s pedagogic philosophy is that of critical love, which is about teaching the whole child with a growth mindset. She has worked to introduce equity focused practices such as culturally responsive sustaining pedagogy and advanced literacy into her district, along with improved social and emotional learning. These efforts have proved worthwhile as Brooklyn North High Schools continue to improve with more students graduating college and career ready. She continues to strive toward leading generations of teachers and school leaders to be insightful, responsive, forward-thinking and excellent in pedagogy.

She is a long time resident of New York, living with her loving husband and two beautiful children.