2019 Event

Was A Great Success

At Learnit, we believe an event that unites the global learning community and leads an intellectually honest conversation about the current state and future of learning, can revolutionise education, and ultimately change the world.

The Learnit community is inclusive, disruptive, bold and brave. It encompasses the entire learning ecosystem – from government, educators, corporates and established solution providers to tech startups, investors and media. It is united by a common goal to improve education outcomes globally.

Learnit’s conversation is open and honest. It’s a conversation about how to give everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or wealth, the opportunity to reach their greatest potential in a rapidly evolving world. It is untethered by legacy, politics or geography. Learnit’s 150+ international speakers are selected based on merit, not pay-to-play.

Learnit first took place in January 2019 and welcomed 1,000+ attendees from 69 countries including over 100 CEOs and Founders. The next Learnit event will take place in London 19 to 21 January 2021. Join Learnit’s new community and conversation, and help change the world.

Learnit is led by Katy Fryatt.